TopoGetter Compact. Single-Beam 3D-scan system. In a compact size.

TopoGetter Single-Beam 3D-scan systems

• Scan resolutions up to 5,000 dpi
• Up to 2 ┬Ám position accuracy of scan head
• Meausuring quantization of 32,768 steps in vertical
(z) - direction in 16 bit data format
• Choice of optics for measuring ranges of 1, 4 or 10 mm
• Scan speed up to 4 kHz sampling rate (LED light source)
• Measuring range in multiple layers up to 50 mm
• Maximum hight of scan objects 120 mm
• High-quality waviness Filter-Algorithms handling very large data-files
• Designed to fit through standard doors and elevators
• Scanner easy to transport, fit, install, operate, service

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